Sicks Kids VS : All In

Very excited to share this piece. I shot this with long time collaborator and director Mark Zibert for sick kids hospital. An incredible institution and incredible experience working with all the participants of the commercial who had all been helped in one way or another by the hospital.

In the spot, set to the song “I’ll do Anything” from Oliver, children scrape together everything they can find on their journey to help build a new sick kids hospital. Over 200 children participated in the commercial, a tall order for our oustanding AD team led by Eric Kaskens.

We shot this over three an exhausting days. We covered it with two main cameras – one handheld and the other on Movi. The Movi coverage helped ground a lot of the core story beats, while the handheld camera picked off interesting details and help give everything a bit more intensity and urgency. Then added in a third camera for extra coverage and a Drone for the wider arial perspectives of several key scenes.

Mark wanted this to live in Black and White, so our decisions early on about locations and angles had everything to do with how the natural light would create shape and contrast. We did everything we could to shoot in the ideal light in our different locations. Our neighbourhood location proved invaluable as it was on a corner. We just kept turning our camera angle as the day progressed, but because of the curve of the street, we always had a great backdrop to shoot into.

This campaign is part of the hospitals funding goal for this year of an ambitious $1.3 billion. As one of the leading children’s hospitals in the world, saving children’s lives on a daily basis, I strongly urge anyone able to contribute. CLICK THIS TO DONATE.

Below is the spot and a bunch of great still images captured on set by Tricia Zaremba. (

Key Crew was as follows:

  • C Cam Operator – Marco Baldonado
  • 1st AC – A Cam – Marc Pierce
  • 1st AC – B Cam – Mike Dawson
  • Gaffer – George Petras
  • Key Grip – Rico Emerson
  • DIT – Baha Nurlybayev & Joe Kicak
  • Drone Pilot – Matt Bujok
  • Movi Tech – Wil Johnson


  • Camera – Arri Mini, Aspire Drone
  • Lenses – Zeiss Super Speeds Mark 3
  • Movement – Handheld, Movi, Segway, Drone

Quicken Loans Commercials

Working with Dave Laden from Hungryman Productions, I shot these spots for Quicken Loans. Each commercial profiled a busy person who was helped by Quicken Loan’s mobile app.

Dave really wanted to spots to be dynamic, but also in a simple way, tell a lot about the characters within each frame. He asked to be able to pull out to reveal each scene, so that we’d start with a portrait of our hero, and then establish their environment which would tell their story visually. I chose to use the Angenieux 24-290mm for the majority of the commercial because of its extended range. For the last shot of each commercial we had to add a dolly move buried into the zoom since we needed even more range in those cases, getting a close up and also a wide establishing shot of their new house, within a couple-second shot.

Here are some behind the scenes stills and the commercials:

  • 1st AC – Reed Coppen
  • Gaffer – Blue Thompson
  • Key Grip – Josh Linkey
  • DIT – Mike Kellogg


  • CAMERA – Arri Mini
  • LENSES – Zeiss Master Primes & Angenieux 24-290mm.
  • MOVEMENT – Dolly

Maple Leaf Commercial

Shooting with director Andy Hines, we shot this commercial that chronicled the life of Corey Joseph from the Toronto Raptors back through time to the moment his mother named him.

Andy and I decided to shoot anamorphic and ensure that the camera was always fluidly moving. We mounted Hawk Anamorphic Lenses onto a Arri Mini on a Movi 15, and had Movi operator Yuri Tereshyn or I moving through each scene, to help give the feeling of travelling back through time.

Here are some set stills and the spot.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • Movi Op – Yuri Tereshyn
  • 1st AC – Marc Pierce
  • Gaffer – Shon Christian
  • Key Grip – Jordy Toms
  • DIT – Gavin Keen


  • Camera – Arri Mini
  • Lenses – Hawk Anamorphic V-Lite Primes
  • Movement – Movi 15, Handheld

Lincoln Commercial

Shot this car commercial for Lincoln with director Noah Marshall. We chose to shoot this with older lenses, shooting with 1970s Canon K-35s. Their wide aperture and warm coatings lent well to our look. Below are some set still and the spot.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • 1st AC – Marc Pierce, Paul Taylor, and Colin Doering
  • Gaffer – George Petras
  • Key Grip – Derek Teakle
  • DIT – Gavin Keen


  • Camera – Arri Mini & Arri SXT
  • Lenses – Canon K-35 Primes and Angenieux Optimo 19.5-94mm Zoom
  • Movement – Russian Arm, Process Trailer, Dolly

Forty Creek Whiskey Commercial

Working with directing team Common Good, we set out to make a one-take commercial that would take the viewer through the whole story of the whiskey without a single edit.

Michael Walker built a set comprising of 5 different environments, and the actors would lead us from one to another.

Steadicam Cam Op Jason Viera was invaluable in nailing a very difficult series of positions to make the shot look smooth and effortless.

For lighting Gaffer Nathan Monk and lighting board op Desiree Lindon assisted me in setting up a complicated set of cues to make the transitions from one set up to another. Key Grip Jordy Toms rigged it all to pullies allowing us to baffle out sets and light as fast as possible.

here are some set stills, behind the scenes video and the commercial.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • 1st AC – Marc Pierce
  • Gaffer – Nathan Monk
  • Key Grip – Jordan Toms
  • DIT – Gavin Keen


  • Camera – Arri Mini
  • Lenses – Zeiss Master Primes
  • Movement – Steadicam

BMO Weightless

Shot this commercial with Phil Brown directing. A wife wishes her paraplegic husband an opportunity to travel in a zero gravity plane and feel weightlessness.

We shot the plane portion on stage, using a fantastic rigging crew of Marco Bianco and Steve Shackleton that gave our talent, John Cassidy, the opportunity to be flown around the plane set. Jamie Macfarlane designed the plane set to mirror the actual Zero Gravity planes. My team and I lit the plane to be true to reality, and tried to keep it all as soft light as possible. To help create the sense of weightlessness, Phil and I decided to use a combination of Technocrane (ScorpioCrane) and Handheld camera work, shooting just slightly slow motion. On the Scorpiocrane, we mounted the Alpha head, with it full roll attachment, allowing the camera to be stabilized and be able to do unlimited full 360 degree rolls.

Being a bank commercial it is a bit rosier in the final transfer than my taste, but the overall approach worked out. Hugely impressed with all the crew at Alter Ego Post for their VFX work. Nice work Darren Achim, Dan MacCarthy and Andrew Thiessen.

here are some set stills, some behind the scenes video, and the spot.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • 1st AC – Jay Vetesse
  • Gaffer – Nathan Monk
  • Key Grip – Jordan Toms
  • DIT – Kent McCormack


  • Camera – Arri Mini
  • Lenses – Zeiss Master Primes
  • Movement – Handheld, Dolly, Scorpio 37′ Crane with Alpha Head and 360 roll ring

Shooting Black and White for TD Bank Commercial

Working with director Vesa Manninen, I shot this commercial for TD Bank. This is not a bank commercial was the slogan of an ad that watched a retired couple start the next chapter in their life. We shot this is Barcelona. thanks to all the amazing crew!

Shooting Black and White, we chose to shoot this on the Red Monochromatic Epic camera. This was my first time using a digital Monochromatic camera, and I was extremely impressed with the exposure latitude, holding extreme highlights and dark shadows. We paired that camera with a set of ServiceVision Anamorphic Lenses. Even on the widest focal lengths the lenses had nearly no bowing or distortion common to most anamorphic lenses. Below are some set photos and other photos I took while shooting, as well as the spot.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • 1st AC – Alex Benhamou
  • Gaffer – Kevin Gonosul
  • Key Grip – Xavi Torres


  • CAM -REd Monochomatic with Motion Mount
  • Lenses – ServiceVision Anamorphic Prime Lenses
  • Movement – Handheld / Dolly

Braun Commercial

Shooting in the outskirts of Cape Town South Africa, Chris Woods directed this spot about a young man using his first shaver. The ridiculous is exemplified through the challenges the young man overcomes, and the comparison made to his first shave. We shot in some really epic and beautiful locations, and tried to keep as much of the effects in camera, or grounded to in camera decisions. A dry lake bed with a mountain backdrop served as a great place to stage a lava stream. The top of Table Mountain created the epic backdrop to be slingshot from one peak to another, and a mountain range outside Cape Town was perfect for the medieval rock hoist.

Here are some screen grabs from the original footage, before post productions:

And some set stills:

  • Morning light on day 1


Key Crew was as follows:

  • 1st AC – Paul Painting
  • Gaffer – Clint Stone
  • Key Grip – Ari Stavrinos


  • CAM -Alexa XT 4:3
  • Lenses – Panavision Primo anamorphic lenses

TIFF Selects 150 Essential Works In Canadian Cinema History

Very humbled and happy to hear that the Tropicana commercial that I shot a long way back with director Samir Mallal has been judge by TIFF as the number 1 of essential commercials in Canadian cinema. Thanks to all those who made it possible back then.

Link to story —> TIFF Selects 150 Essential Works In Canadian Cinema History

Key crew was as follows:

  • B-Cam Operator – Pete Sweeney
  • ACam 1st AC – 1st AC – Julie Kim
  • BCam 1st AC – Mikil Rullman
  • Gaffer – Philip Lanyon
  • Key Grip – Derek Teakle


  • CAMERA – Arri 416 (super 16mm film)
  • LENSES – Zeiss High Speeds
  • MOVEMENT – Handheld, dolly, skidoo, firetruck ladder