Monthly Archives: December 2016

Molson – The Process Commercial

Creating a visual comparison between training as a professional hockey player and the movement of the Molson brewmaster, I shot this commercial with director Tamir Moscovici.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • 1st AC – Jay Vetesse
  • Gaffer – George Petras
  • Key Grip – Jordan Toms
  • DIT – Gavin Keen


  • Camera – Arri Mini
  • Lenses – Zeiss Master Primes
  • Movement – Handheld, Dolly

Dodge Charger Commercial

Working with director Leigh Marling, I shot this commercial for the Dodge Charger. With rain being a constant throughout the commercial, we tried our best to shoot as wide as possible to ensure the rain was really believable. It meant a lot of rain, so the simplest wide shot became a huge rain build. I had a great team who worked tirelessly in the rain on this. And thanks so much to Shane Million and Darcy Callahan from Laird FX for bringing the rain.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • A Camera 1st AC – Marc Pierce
  • B Camera 1st AC – Mike Pesut
  • Gaffer – George Petras
  • Key Grip – Derek Teakle
  • DIT – Randy Perry


  • Camera – Arri Mini, Phantom 4K
  • Lenses – Zeiss Master Primes, Fujinon Premiere Zooms
  • Movement – Russian Arm, Car Rigs, Dolly

BVG Berlin Train Commercial

I travelled to Vilnius Lithuania to shoot a German commercial for the Berlin subway and train system. Directed by Chris Woods, this spot reveals the inner working of the BVG backrooms and where all the magic happens. Squirrels that decide which tracks will be delayed, testing how to muffle the voice best for terminal announcements, betting on who will fall on the bus system, and training to slam the bus door properly on customers faces.

We shot in this beautiful old sports and concert venue in central Vilnius. I’m sure full of asbestos. But a beautiful old soviet relic.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • 1st AC – Andrius Baltrusiunas
  • Gaffer – Vitalij Kutko
  • Key Grip – Vytas Gudlevicius


  • CAM – Arri Mini
  • Lenses – Cooke S5i
  • Dolly