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Braun Commercial

Shooting in the outskirts of Cape Town South Africa, Chris Woods directed this spot about a young man using his first shaver. The ridiculous is exemplified through the challenges the young man overcomes, and the comparison made to his first shave. We shot in some really epic and beautiful locations, and tried to keep as much of the effects in camera, or grounded to in camera decisions. A dry lake bed with a mountain backdrop served as a great place to stage a lava stream. The top of Table Mountain created the epic backdrop to be slingshot from one peak to another, and a mountain range outside Cape Town was perfect for the medieval rock hoist.

Here are some screen grabs from the original footage, before post productions:

And some set stills:

  • Morning light on day 1


Key Crew was as follows:

  • 1st AC – Paul Painting
  • Gaffer – Clint Stone
  • Key Grip – Ari Stavrinos


  • CAM -Alexa XT 4:3
  • Lenses – Panavision Primo anamorphic lenses

TIFF Selects 150 Essential Works In Canadian Cinema History

Very humbled and happy to hear that the Tropicana commercial that I shot a long way back with director Samir Mallal has been judge by TIFF as the number 1 of essential commercials in Canadian cinema. Thanks to all those who made it possible back then.

Link to story —> TIFF Selects 150 Essential Works In Canadian Cinema History

Key crew was as follows:

  • B-Cam Operator – Pete Sweeney
  • ACam 1st AC – 1st AC – Julie Kim
  • BCam 1st AC – Mikil Rullman
  • Gaffer – Philip Lanyon
  • Key Grip – Derek Teakle


  • CAMERA – Arri 416 (super 16mm film)
  • LENSES – Zeiss High Speeds
  • MOVEMENT – Handheld, dolly, skidoo, firetruck ladder

Muscle Milk Commercial

Working with director team Terri Timely, I shot this commercial for Muscle Milk starring Clay Matthews. Shot over two very full days, we captured Clay signing Bill Withers’s “Lean on Me” as he helps his fellow athletes along in the pursuit of athletic excellence. Great job Steve Mottershead and his team at Artjail on the post fx.

This was also my last job with the late Bill Buckingham, before he tragically died in a motorcycle accident. Bill was a great inspiration to me, and this shoot was a shinning example of his ingenuity, and calm controlled passion. In losing our remote head early in our day, on a very busy day, Bill and his team went old school, and put me on the end of the giraffe crane, which had to do a big jib move combined with a 40′ dolly move. There are few people I would have trusted to put me up there, hanging over a hill’s edge, but Bill was always the man. Thank you, thank you Bill. You are missed by so many. (Bill Buckingham pictured next to me with the cowboy had on the back of an exo cart)

  • Human battering ram

Key crew was as follows:

  • B-Cam Operator – Josh Medak
  • ACam 1st AC – 1st AC – Reed Coppen
  • BCam 1st AC – Jess Lakoff
  • Gaffer – Jeff Ferrero
  • Key Grip – Bill Buckingham
  • DIT – Mike Kellogg


  • CAMERA – Red Dragon
  • LENSES – Hawk V-Lite Anamorphic Primes, Hawk Anamorphic Zoom
  • MOVEMENT – HandHeld, Exo Cart w/ Alpha Head and Bungy rig, Giraffe Crane, Dolly, Swimming

Celebrity Apprentice Promo

This years season of Celebrity Apprentice has a new host, now that Trump has lied his way to the oval office. Arnold Schwarzenegger hosts the season with contestants Laila Ali, Brooke Burke-Charvet, Eric Dickerson, Boy George, Matt Iseman, Carrie Keagan, Carson Kressley, Lisa Leslie, Jon Lovitz, Vince Neil, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Kyle Richards, Chael Sonnen, Porsha Williams, Ricky Williams and Carnie Wilson.

Shooting with Director Kendall Bowlin, we shot in the Universal New York streets backlot, and gave the celebrities a workout sprinting up and down the streets. I felt the full force of Ricky Williams, getting a little too close during his close up, as he pummelled me. Great shot though!

Key Crew was as follows:

  • B-Cam Op – Logan Schneider
  • C-Cam Op – John Connor Jr.
  • 1st AC(A-CAM) – Reed Koppen
  • 1st AC (B-CAM) – Tobin Oldach
  • 1st AC (C-CAM) -John Scivolletto
  • Gaffer – Jeff Ferrero
  • Key Grip – Josh Linkey
  • DIT – Mike Kellogg


  • CAM – Arri Amira, Arri Mini, Phantom Flex 4K
  • Lenses – Zeiss Master Primes, Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm, Angenieux 17-80mm, Angenieux 28-76mm.
  • MOVEMENT – CineRanger, ExoCart, Handheld
  • Lighting – BEBE light, Arrimax 18K on condors

Old Camp Whiskey

Working with director Henry Lu, I shot this commercial for Old Camp Whiskey with a guest appearance from the Florida Georgia Line. I don’t really listen to country music, so I wasn’t aware of there huge following before working on this project.

The essence of the commercial was for the camera to be the POV of a wolf who is following its scent through the woods, until it finds the band members. It was a simple enough idea, but meant shooting in the woods, travelling great distance and seeing deep into landscapes at times, all at night. We elected to shoot day for night, and expose for the shadows, while holding the highlights in order to retain as much shadow detail as possible or the switch from day to night. Eric Whipp was our colorist and was extremely useful with his experiences with day for night footage from Mad Max.

For camera movement, we wanted to find a balance where it would be slightly smooth, but yet still realistic to the reactiveness of a real wolf. After doing some tests, we end up using a arri mini striped down to the basics, and mounted on the end of a monopod. Then we just physically ran with the camera, panning and tilting through manipulating the camera with the monopod. The dead weight of the camera at the end of the pole allowed for some stability to be created, while still allowing us to make sudden movements, to replicate the neck movement of the wolf.

Thanks to all the great team in Nashville that helped to create this!

And here are couple photos of the supremely dedicated producer, Stan Sawicki, puppeting the water in a very compromising position. Thank you Stan for all your hard work and effort.

img_1570 img_1566

Key Crew was as follows:

  • Operator – Sam Willey
  • 1st AC – Kip MacDonald
  • Gaffer – Doug Rice
  • Key Grip – Bob Hill
  • DIT – Armand Holmes


  • Camera – Arri Mini
  • Lenses – Kowa Anamorphic Lenses
  • Movement – Monopod – running as fast as possible