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Shooting Black and White for TD Bank Commercial

Working with director Vesa Manninen, I shot this commercial for TD Bank. This is not a bank commercial was the slogan of an ad that watched a retired couple start the next chapter in their life. We shot this is Barcelona. thanks to all the amazing crew!

Shooting Black and White, we chose to shoot this on the Red Monochromatic Epic camera. This was my first time using a digital Monochromatic camera, and I was extremely impressed with the exposure latitude, holding extreme highlights and dark shadows. We paired that camera with a set of ServiceVision Anamorphic Lenses. Even on the widest focal lengths the lenses had nearly no bowing or distortion common to most anamorphic lenses. Below are some set photos and other photos I took while shooting, as well as the spot.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • 1st AC – Alex Benhamou
  • Gaffer – Kevin Gonosul
  • Key Grip – Xavi Torres


  • CAM -REd Monochomatic with Motion Mount
  • Lenses – ServiceVision Anamorphic Prime Lenses
  • Movement – Handheld / Dolly