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Quicken Loans Commercials

Working with Dave Laden from Hungryman Productions, I shot these spots for Quicken Loans. Each commercial profiled a busy person who was helped by Quicken Loan’s mobile app.

Dave really wanted to spots to be dynamic, but also in a simple way, tell a lot about the characters within each frame. He asked to be able to pull out to reveal each scene, so that we’d start with a portrait of our hero, and then establish their environment which would tell their story visually. I chose to use the Angenieux 24-290mm for the majority of the commercial because of its extended range. For the last shot of each commercial we had to add a dolly move buried into the zoom since we needed even more range in those cases, getting a close up and also a wide establishing shot of their new house, within a couple-second shot.

Here are some behind the scenes stills and the commercials:

  • 1st AC – Reed Coppen
  • Gaffer – Blue Thompson
  • Key Grip – Josh Linkey
  • DIT – Mike Kellogg


  • CAMERA – Arri Mini
  • LENSES – Zeiss Master Primes & Angenieux 24-290mm.
  • MOVEMENT – Dolly