Alaska Airlines

This is another Airlines Commercial I recently did, for Alaska Airlines, directed by Vesa Manninen. This spot was kinda like a stage play, where the scenes would appear to be moved away from the camera revealing something new, and evolving the storyline.

We shot these in Los Angeles, using practical locations as well as on Universal’s backlots.

Photos below were taken by Vesa, and the spots are below those.

  • airplane set, containing only six chairs and a wall...we made the rest...

Key Crew was as follows:

  • 1st AC – Keep Koppen
  • Gaffer – Brian Lofthouse
  • Key Grip – Rudy Covarubbias
  • DIT – Kyle Hoekstra
  • Techno Cane Op – Christian Hurley


  • Camera – Arri Mini
  • Lenses – Panavision T-Series and G-series
  • Movement – Handheld, EZ rig, Dolly, TechnoCrane