Coke Zero Commercial

This goofy commercial was created under the direction of Terri Timely. We shot in Vancouver, during the summer. The spot was finally just released. We approached this wanting to have a visual flow, so that one shot and scene would take you to the next. So timing obviously became super important, trying to make camera moves that added to the comedy and fit properly with the scene. I had a lot of fun on this, creating the lighting for a realistic talk show, TV news and of course the sasquatch scene! Props to productions designer Katharine Reynolds!

Set photos and the spot below.

This was also during a time in Vancouver when there were some pretty intense forest fires happening around Vancouver. And the cloud of smoke hung over top of the city. Made for some pretty amazing warm light in the forest as we shot the sasquatch scene. Few of those photos seperately.

  • our talk show set.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • 1st AC – Julie Kim
  • Gaffer – Terri Kim
  • Key Grip – Mark Yates
  • DIT – Pieter Blokker


  • CAM – Arri Mini and Panasonic HVX
  • Lenses – Hawk V-Lites
  • Dolly
  • Handheld
  • Aerocrane