Kia Natural Habitats

I shot a series of spots for Kia this spring to replicate a BBC nature documentary. Set in the outer regions of Canada, the Kia vehicles roam the lands, and we shot them as if they were roaming buffalo or a narrow sighting of a lion. This is the larger web version mini film. I thought it was kinda hilarious and fun to treat vehicles in this fashion, allowing a lot of the same kind of aggressive car coverage seen in many of car commercials, but being playful with it at the same time.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • BCam Op – Julie Kim
  • A Cam 1st AC – Keiran Humphries
  • B Cam 1st AC – Richard Dagleish
  • Gaffer – Torbin Doege
  • Key Grip – John Dryden
  • DIT – Chris Bolton


  • CAM – Arri Mini, Arri SXT, and Inspire X7
  • Lenses – Zeiss Master Primes and Fujinnon Premiere Zoom
  • Handheld, Dolly, Ultimate Arm, Movi, Drone