Maple Leaf Commercial

Shooting with director Andy Hines, we shot this commercial that chronicled the life of Corey Joseph from the Toronto Raptors back through time to the moment his mother named him.

Andy and I decided to shoot anamorphic and ensure that the camera was always fluidly moving. We mounted Hawk Anamorphic Lenses onto a Arri Mini on a Movi 15, and had Movi operator Yuri Tereshyn or I moving through each scene, to help give the feeling of travelling back through time.

Here are some set stills and the spot.

Key Crew was as follows:

  • Movi Op – Yuri Tereshyn
  • 1st AC – Marc Pierce
  • Gaffer – Shon Christian
  • Key Grip – Jordy Toms
  • DIT – Gavin Keen


  • Camera – Arri Mini
  • Lenses – Hawk Anamorphic V-Lite Primes
  • Movement – Movi 15, Handheld