Sicks Kids VS : All In

Very excited to share this piece. I shot this with long time collaborator and director Mark Zibert for sick kids hospital. An incredible institution and incredible experience working with all the participants of the commercial who had all been helped in one way or another by the hospital.

In the spot, set to the song “I’ll do Anything” from Oliver, children scrape together everything they can find on their journey to help build a new sick kids hospital. Over 200 children participated in the commercial, a tall order for our oustanding AD team led by Eric Kaskens.

We shot this over three an exhausting days. We covered it with two main cameras – one handheld and the other on Movi. The Movi coverage helped ground a lot of the core story beats, while the handheld camera picked off interesting details and help give everything a bit more intensity and urgency. Then added in a third camera for extra coverage and a Drone for the wider arial perspectives of several key scenes.

Mark wanted this to live in Black and White, so our decisions early on about locations and angles had everything to do with how the natural light would create shape and contrast. We did everything we could to shoot in the ideal light in our different locations. Our neighbourhood location proved invaluable as it was on a corner. We just kept turning our camera angle as the day progressed, but because of the curve of the street, we always had a great backdrop to shoot into.

This campaign is part of the hospitals funding goal for this year of an ambitious $1.3 billion. As one of the leading children’s hospitals in the world, saving children’s lives on a daily basis, I strongly urge anyone able to contribute. CLICK THIS TO DONATE.

Below is the spot and a bunch of great still images captured on set by Tricia Zaremba. (

Key Crew was as follows:

  • C Cam Operator – Marco Baldonado
  • 1st AC – A Cam – Marc Pierce
  • 1st AC – B Cam – Mike Dawson
  • Gaffer – George Petras
  • Key Grip – Rico Emerson
  • DIT – Baha Nurlybayev & Joe Kicak
  • Drone Pilot – Matt Bujok
  • Movi Tech – Wil Johnson


  • Camera – Arri Mini, Aspire Drone
  • Lenses – Zeiss Super Speeds Mark 3
  • Movement – Handheld, Movi, Segway, Drone